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NOUN: the line on the under side of the penis that extends down the middle of the scrotum all the way to the anus
She licked all up and down my cless.
by classycless August 23, 2008
Often used to describe someone who is awesome, insane, cool, 1337, loveable, sexy, and hates ratsex
OMG OMG dued, yuo are liek, sooooo Cless right now maen!!!
by Blah August 29, 2003
Commonly uses in video games to let other players know they are still clanless.
With that attitude you'll stay cless for a long time.
by Wh00ps August 17, 2008
to push short layers of hair in an upward direction in a style almost like teasing so it sits high.
is done by many scene/hxc kids
Claire:-my hair needs a good cless wanna come bathroom and do it?
tess:-yer sure mines deflated i need to cless mine too.
teacher:-stop clessing your hair!
by Thetessis February 24, 2008
A monkey.
That Cless is so furry, but stupid.
by Fighter August 30, 2003
n. A flamboyant homosexual
"Stop acting so cless"
by Jking August 30, 2003
The process of lacking lasers.
He is too CLESS.
by stfu August 30, 2003

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