used for describing a person with large tits.
did you see the cleave on that h00ker?!?!?!they cleaved out like fucking 13 inches!
by nat3 b3 June 25, 2006
Top Definition
v. when a female steals something from you, then puts it in her shirt between her breasts, or cleavage.
Claire cleaved the $20 bill she stole from me at lunch
by Tha TubaSmith September 30, 2006
n. abbr. Abbreviated form of "cleavage." Often used to distinguish between "good cleave" (in which breasts look full and natural-but better) and "bad cleave" (either aberrations of nature or when breasts look TOO natural. Examples include breasts so pushed together that they spill out of the top, or so loosely held together that the underside of the breast- or boob flap- is visible)
"Hey, nice cleave- you must be wearing that new fancy bra"

"That girl has a nice face but bad cleave. You've got to take better CARE of those things."
by RCola March 29, 2008
Stick a caramel drenched churro into a woman's vagina. Remove the churro and insert a man's penis into the now caramel-filled vagina. Dip the churro back into the caramel sauce and insert it into the woman's anus. Continue fucking both of the woman's holes until both parties climax. The man then pulls out his caramelised dual-cum covered cock and the woman licks it clean.
J: "What are Claire and Steve doing in the back room?"
P: "She grabbed the caramel sauce, so they must be cleaving"
J: "Oh man I love it when my woman gives me the cleave"
by Juanana January 23, 2014
A person who sits in his room and only watches two shows. They are from different TV networks and usually are cartoons.
Jake: Wow, that guy is watching Daria and The Angry Beavers!
Kaitlin: He is such a cleäve!
by WeirdoCartoonFantasies February 16, 2015
short for cleavage.
The guy said he took a headshot of that girl, but damn, he mostly got cleave!
by Skebs March 31, 2010
To pass out because of a major rack or cleavage.
Dude, I saw that chick's cleavage and I cleaved.
by Jesus of Boobs July 08, 2011
The vertical length of a woman's vaginal opening.
I could fit my entire head inside of Mandy's enormous cleave.
by Frankenworf December 14, 2011
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