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A hot sexy man who has an extremely large cock who hits on girls and then bangs them so hard that there tits fall off
Oh my god I want clay sooooo much <3<3
by Chick magnet 1234 October 02, 2012
Similar to an idiot. Shortened version of "clay head". Someone who is easily molded.
Look at this fucking clay.
by DenverG April 16, 2007
To exhibit clayness is to undertake an activity, mainly sporting, with fitness and bloody minded determination rather than outstanding natural ability.

This will be exhibited mainly in aryan and Oriental races.

For true Clayness, no emotion must be exhibited. There is neither the ecstacy of victory or the disapointment of defeat, only the next contest.

To face an opponent with clayness is also very frustrating and can only be overcome with a top draw performance or a moment of shear brilliance.
"I took the ball past him three times and still he got up to kick at my heals"

"Denis Irwin has unbelievable Clayness, that winger skinned him and he still got off his arse to block the cross"
by L.B. Seed August 21, 2004
A complete faggot name for all
Hey, how is Clay doing?
He's a major faggot douche
by Hempfield Boy September 26, 2009
clay is a evil son of a bitch. he is hated by all and will never be loved. he should just die.
i hate clay
by me978 February 07, 2010
A cock sucker...he sucks dick allll day long.
Clay wants your dick.
by LEAH August 25, 2004
the biggest sweety in the world...i love him so much
i love clay-hes a sweety
by COURTNEY:) October 02, 2004
The last viking, Clay stole a ship from pirates after his clan was brutally murdered and set out on the open seas looking for revenge. He single-handedly took out many sea creatures such as Nessie (why do you think no one has seen her?) and the Kraken, before building a house with his bare hands in George Washington's nose on Mount Rushmore. After living there for some time, he finally set the house on fire and disappeared into the Appalachian Mountains, never to be seen or heard from again.
You're almost as badass as Clay!
by eacdawesomeness October 14, 2011