clay is the biggest sweety in the world...and i love him with all my heart...hes so lovely-i hadta put 2 definitions:)xoxoxoxox
i love you r sucha sweety
by COURTNEY:) October 02, 2004
If you allow this man in your pants, he will "extend" his pleasure.
Me, me, and me. Oh, I almost forgot me.
by . December 15, 2004
crazyy fella.. who needs to look around. and keep his head out from his butt. and get away from the girl who dont want him. and accept the people who do..
Clay is so handsome.
by knevans February 09, 2008
money, cash, cream, cheddar, duckets, bucks, bills, spot, chips, chippers, dough, feda, fedi, fedachinni
i went to the casino today & raked in the clay.
by The Anglo-Saxon O'Shea Jackson September 09, 2007
A special assistant to a celebrity or politician. From the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger's personal assistant, Clay Russell.
Zack is President Bush's Clay. Daniel is Schwarzenegger's part-time Clay.
by austriangov October 25, 2007
a sexy surfer dude who has blonde hair and slightly looks asian, even though he is white. Sometimes he even humps his own brother! and dog ... and aubrey his teacher.... but still smokin hot !
Jade: HOLY F***!!! that surfer guy is sexy!!!
Sara: oh i know, he's such a CLAY!
by lifesanillusionx December 22, 2009
A person who loves themself beyond all reason.

Clays always have 10+ types of cologne

Clays always have 5+ "model" pictures of themselves on their phone

Clays THINK they can get any girl

Clays always have blonde hair

Clays always wear collared preppy shirts

Clays die if not allowed to gel their hair for any length of time

Clays never reach puberty

Clays are short

Clays are scared shitless when they see colored people

Clays roll up their windows when driving through poor neighborhoods

Wow stop looking at yourself in the mirror you clay

by winman32 March 22, 2009

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