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A hot sexy man who has an extremely large cock who hits on girls and then bangs them so hard that there tits fall off
Oh my god I want clay sooooo much <3<3
by Chick magnet 1234 October 02, 2012
When you take a dump and there's that little left over stuff that you just can't get out of your ass pubes, it's like clay. Very difficult to get out.
Man that wine and cheese party last night was out of control. I've got major clay goin on, I was wiping for ten minutes today and my ass still looks like chocolate pudding on shag carpet.
by themustardtiger January 06, 2011
Clay: Person(s) who usually typically exhibit “strange” or unorthodox behaviors. To understand a Clay you must think like a Clay. Usually a Clay is emotional unavailable and confused. Clay’s can be found in affluent parts of DC…and were more recently spotted in the Mount Holly area of North Carolina… further illustrating their tendency to shy away and remain secretive.

It also means stiff, sticky fine-grained earth… typically less than 0.00016 inch ….by either definition…probably don’t want to find yourself in a 'clay’ situation.
Correct use of the word clay.

Girl: “do you think he is going to call?”
Friend: “Why wouldn’t him.”
Girl: “Read this text…”
Friend: “Oh…you dating a Clay. Sorry girl”

Meeting an unemotional unavailable guy you like.
“Don’t do it…you’ll totally get clayed.”

Making a fool of yourself on a date

“Damn…your clayed that up!”

“You’ve gotten yourself into one clay of a situation.”
by anonymousjunkie1 April 19, 2013
Eating a girl out not knowing that she is on her period
There was blood on the sheets the day after? Dude you just totally pulled a clay with that girl.
by maokai March 16, 2014
Clay is the gayyest Homo on this earth

Clay is always dressing up in womens clothes and fantasizing about men
by mikeymike171562 January 22, 2014
poop with the consistency of clay
"Oh my gosh bro I just crapped clay."
by vex390 August 22, 2011
(noun)To reek of stinktitude; a person who obviously has no idea how rediculous he is.

(verb)to be oblivious to how incredibly rediculous you are
(noun)Vanilla ice is clay to the extreme.

(verb)That was the most clay ever.
by Turd Ferguson March 24, 2004
One who is both homosexual and incredibly stupid. Exhibits poor judgement and poor decision making skills. Someone who doesn't think before they ask a profoundly stupid question. Also may refer to someone with an infintesimal penis, so small it is confused with a clitoris
Don't you think anything through, you freaking clay?
Think before you speak, you clay!
He was such a clay! His penis looked like a clitoris!
by ohreally April 05, 2009