The EXTREMELY fear of Santa Clause or anything to do with him . Commonly mistaken by idiots to be " the fear of small spaces " But Idiots are WRONG . That was something made up by adults to not worry children .
Sally saw santa at the mall .. She burst into tears & ran behind her mommy . She was claustrophobia
by manly man truth August 15, 2011
When you get very nervous because you are talking to some one of the opposite sex and they keep stepping forward and you keep stepping back until you are against a wall and have no escape.
Hot Sara "Hey john whats up?" (steps forward)

Lucky John "Not much, you?" (Steps Back into corner)

Hot Sara "Not much just bombed that test, how you do on it" (Steps Forward invades Lucky John's Bubble and He now has similar symptoms of Claustrophobia)

Lucky John "I did alright" (John Now has butterflies in his stomach and starts turning pale)

Hot Sara "Alright well i gotta go, See Ya" (leaves)

Lucky Jon "Later" (Breathes sigh of relief)
by FlyingEarthWorm June 03, 2009

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