A term used to note that something was just pure genuine and worth remembering. Something that will never slip your mind due to it's pure humor. Term coined by Will...
Mike- Dude that joke was hilarious
Will- Yeah man, classic
by xXBig GXx April 13, 2011
A reference to a previous night of heavy drug and alcohol use.
Last night i partied so hard. I got really high and drunk.... it was classic!
by KnowledgeWriter April 28, 2011
whenever something happens thats really funny and you just new it was gunna happen because its typical of that particular object or person
i cant believe you fucking sed thats absoloute classic
by rebecca wills September 22, 2003
A joke or expression which is humorous
Brammers; "Hyman, that was a physical classic"
by Andrew Hyman February 21, 2005
a type of clothing that centers on "classic" items like long kahki skirts, polo shirts. not revealing. amish? added onto a
sheltered, happy attitude
She's dressed like a classic. I can't believe she'd wear a full length skirt to the roller-rina.
by Kiersten May 22, 2004
A response given with two thumbs up and a smile to pretty much anything that is liked or has been heard before.
"yeah I'm sure I can make it"
by Will Moore January 20, 2004
A joke that is deemed so funny, people who hear it will shout out "Classic" without instinctively.
Man 6- What do you call a naked blonde doing a handstand?

Man 2- What..?

Man 6-A brunette with bad breath

Man 2- ...

Man 42- (To Man 2) Shut up you lonely ginger!

Man 2- Haha, Classic
by That Really Huge Guy July 01, 2009
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