When somthing has been done so many times, but still hilarious, you would call that a classic.
Like when someone falls or trips in a funny way, you would say "classic"
by Ferice Cupcake May 10, 2009
A word used to describe behavior that is characteristic of the person. This can be used to describe your best buddies, or even total strangers.
Guy 1 "You see that guy that just walked in the room and took that laptop?"
Guy 2 "Yea...I think his name was Carl or something"
Guy 1 "Classic Carl"

Guy 1 "Did Aidan poop in the shower again?"
Guy 2 "Yeah its all over the walls"
Guy 1 "Classic Aidan"
by ticklemecollins March 09, 2011
an old thing (movie, joke, etc.) that is so good it stands up to and beats the living fucking shit out of the new things.
Shufflleboard, old spongebob episodes, old jokes, heroic sacrifices, someone who is cool and not a jackass. all of these are classic
by A-person_yay April 09, 2014
brillaint, amazing, blinding, wow, cant belive its not butter
"Oh Classic! Charles" "urghhh classic, i cant belive i just said urghhh classic!"
by Icom January 25, 2008
1. Study of the authors of Greek and Latin antiquity.
John didn't want Sam to know that he studied classics, so he said "Fuckin A, bee, let's get drunk and eat chicken fingers."
by mihailoff February 20, 2005
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