Name given to extremely intellegent people. IQ is always above 200. Usually, these people are metrosexual (third definition) and are extremely sexy. Also, people with the name Clarence have notoriously large balls. Their sexual preference is often.
Trevor: "I hate you"
Clarence: (punches the shit out of Trevor)
Trevor: I'm a shit
Clarence: "I know. Time to die, bitch." (shoots of Trevor's head with a Golden Eagle)
Trevor: "Im a dead bitch"
Emiley: Jeez im skinny
Clarence: Yep, bitch.
Emiley: That's mean.
Clarence: Thats right.
Emiley: You're an asshole
Clarence takes uzi from airtight Speedo and caps Emiley.
by Ima Bawsterd March 28, 2008
Top Definition
To pleasure a girl by rubbing only her clit.
My girlfriend doesn't really like being fingered, shes more into being clarenced.
by J-Wit December 26, 2005
1) a person who is extremely smexy, extremely nice and chill; also referred to as someone with a nice body. knows how to have fun outside, and always good to have him around.

2) a true gentlemen who knows how to love a girl. will definitley respect the girl he's with, and will love her always.

1) Girl1: OOOMG. who is that sexy guy by the beach?

Girl2: wow, he's really cute. must be a clarence.

Girl1: yuuum. he definitley is a clarence.

2) Girl1: Isn't that guy going out with that one girl?

Girl2: who, him? yeaaa, he's lucky. cus he's a clarence.

Girl1: a clarence?! damn, i wish my boyfriend was a clarence.

3) Boy1: damn, man. that guy got some real skills in sports

Boy2: yeaaa, he's pretty athletic and beast.

Boy1: naaah man. he's CLARNCE.

Boy2: hell yeaa!
by zch21 October 28, 2010
Rhyming slang for 'Vodka' (Clarence Boddiker from Robocop)
Let's get hammered on a bottle of Clarence
by RenfieldCordell April 27, 2010
Guy that is not funny at is usually chinese and has long hair.(Don't spend your time talking to him)
Man=Your not funny
Woman=Thats so Clarence
by battlefield faggot December 11, 2013
the voice in your head in the game Penumbra: Black Plague. He is the biggest dick ever, therefore, this is the greatest insult you could ever use.
Person 1: This hallway I just came through looks safe...

*walks towards hallway*

*dog comes out of nowhere, charging at you*

*dog disappears*

Person 2: Hahahaha, I fucked with your mind. Hahahaha.

Person 1: Way to be a Clarence...
by Spenziix July 18, 2009
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