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An activity not uncommon in rural Pennsylvania, in which a pack of vicious douchebags will attack an Amish person, who being a pacifist and will not fight back.
Jimmy Carl: Let's go clape some clapes with this here hunk a' concrete!

John Bob: Whoo hoo! Claping is twice as fun as cow tipping!
by tchotchotch March 15, 2009
Actions by a group of people attacking an Amish person, taking advantage of that person being a pacifist. They knowingly and perhaps viciously attack, expecting no resistance.
Claping a person who will not defend themselves is an aggressive act our society should not condone nor ignore. If each of us wants to live in a community where we (at the very least) are tolerated for our beliefs, we need to have consequences for those who clape any person.
by Paderewski July 20, 2016
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