The act of rape, as performed by a clown with a goofy voice and generally happy-go-lucky demeanor.
The clowns forced me into the back seat of their tiny little car, and one by one, they proceeded to clape me.
by Matthew Robert Young February 13, 2007
Top Definition
when you are walk or dancing or doing any physical activity and your butt cheeks clap together
Ron: Dude, did you see Raquel on the track yesterday/
Harry: Yeah, she can clape without even trying
by awesome #2 January 24, 2015
A dirty amish bastard!
claping- committing hate crimes against the amish
I'ma kill me a clape
by wes January 06, 2004
A mix between a cloak and a cape, that only badasses have the ability to wear. That's right Tyler and Kaho, you aren't badasses.
"I wish our Drum Majors had clapes that were as badass as Kyle and Donee's. Like Damn."
by J-Swizzle-Band October 20, 2013
All the versatility and endurance of a cloak with the suave stylishness of a cape!
Hey man, nice clape!
by itsnojoke2012 October 23, 2012
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