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An Anglo-American citizen of Oakland, California with ancestral roots in the American states affected most deeply by the "dust bowl" of the 1930's, i.e. Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas...
"Shi' mang, I was tring to get into the Stork Club las' night and the Clampers were givin' me hella grief at the doo'..."
by LeRoy January 23, 2004
A derogatory word for a woman's vagina.
She's fine! I'd like to chuck it in her clamper, if you know what I mean.
by EyeDefy March 24, 2005
Homosexuals who hit on girls, boys and women and straight men.
I Was hit on by queers for 40 years and then they ripped babies from me, even when I cried they still abused me, then my kids, then my straight boyfriends, they were nothing but clampers.