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A derogatory word for a woman's vagina.
She's fine! I'd like to chuck it in her clamper, if you know what I mean.
by EyeDefy March 24, 2005
A girl that schemes and takes advantage of you
She knew she didn't bring her wallet to pay for this but she told me she forgot it and made me pay for it. She's a clamper.
by TrillaCaleb September 04, 2015
An Anglo-American citizen of Oakland, California with ancestral roots in the American states affected most deeply by the "dust bowl" of the 1930's, i.e. Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas...
"Shi' mang, I was tring to get into the Stork Club las' night and the Clampers were givin' me hella grief at the doo'..."
by LeRoy January 23, 2004
Homosexuals who hit on girls, boys and women and straight men.
I Was hit on by queers for 40 years and then they ripped babies from me, even when I cried they still abused me, then my kids, then my straight boyfriends, they were nothing but clampers.
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