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When two women aggressively rub their vulvae together during sexual intercourse.
"Stacey, do you want to go to spinning class with me?"

"No way, I was up all night clam slamming with Melissa, and my crotch is on fire."
by Emily Jo Ann March 23, 2010
The act of two females putting themselves between each others' legs to pound thier genitalia together for mutual sexual satisfaction.
Those two girls look happy. I bet they spent the whole night clamslamming.
by Steve52 May 25, 2009
The female version of teabagging.
1) I am totally going to clam slam her while she's sleeping.
2) You guys going clam slamming on Sunday?
by bizzy mark March 08, 2008
The female version of cock blocking. To hinder ones female associate from getting any action whether accidential or intentional.
"I talked to the tool for a damn hour only to have clam slamming Rhianne go make out with him in the corner."

"I hate it when Cindy gets drunk.. she turns into such a clam slammer."
by Barbarella September 26, 2005
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