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cunts + slags = clags
Look at those girls over there, they're all a bunch of fucking clags!
by Aron :D September 24, 2007
24 7
when arse hair gets matted together with shit when you don't wipe your bottom properly.
i had to soak the clag in the bath before i could pull it off
(it was still painful though)
by busmas April 22, 2003
253 111
learned from speed tv: Clag is the bits of rubber that get thrown off the tires to the side of the road outside the racing-line.
I have walked the track after a race, and they are often small specks to marble sized, and less-frequently but noticable golf-ball sized.
by Matthew May 23, 2004
90 34
An aviation acronym that originated within the Royal Air Force. It stands for "Cloud Low, Aircraft Grounded", but nowadays it is often used in general usage to describe grey, drizzly low laying cloud.
I don't fancy flying in the clag.
by Ben Chapman January 16, 2007
59 33
Clag can also refer to any smoke or byproduct of a large diesel engine's Starting or pulling heavy loads as seen with trains and semi's
During Locomotive starts, there's excessive clag
by Northstar2007 October 21, 2007
32 13
Brand of Australian glue, often used in a sentence to describe something that has become stuck or stopped up.
My Computer has clagged up 'cos I'm running too much stuff
by erin day May 18, 2005
44 26
Verb, to clag: to stick one object to another.
Are you going to clag a new sign on the door?
by David Palmer May 26, 2005
29 16