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13 definitions by Jizzle

Defecating on saran wrap that's held over your partner's face
After dinner my partner treated me to a glass bottom boat ride.
by Jizzle March 18, 2003
hitting an all time high in erections.
man, my boner is so big, No hun that aint no boner, that a bonerection
by jizzle February 04, 2004
This term means a white person who trys to be like an african american in terms of slang and phsyical appearance or habits.
That white boy dresses all baggy, listens to too much rap and talks in a wierd way. He's such a wigga.
by Jizzle July 09, 2003
a small circular object found in urinals for the purpose of eliminating odors. See heavycake
I got so drunk last night that I think I ate the piss cake at the Black Angus!
by Jizzle August 30, 2003
Djo-Akim is the Egyptianized name of the (in)famous pin king of Ghent Joachim aka Notorious E.A.T. aka Mr. White Chocolate
Djo-Akim: Phara-Oh!
Lean Back on the desk, so I can touch your chest
by Jizzle November 01, 2004
1. To make someone happy
2. To make someone happier than his or her present condition, though not necessarily completely happy
3. To amelioriate something, to improve something

See antonym unhappienate
John was sad, but he was happienated by fucking Mary.

I saw that Joe was down in the dumps so I bought him some pot to happienate him.

My car was broken, but I happienated it by fixing the carburator.
by Jizzle January 12, 2005
A small pink circular object found in urinals for the purpose of eliminating odors. see piss cake
I pizzled as hard as I could, but couldn't flip that heavy cake
by Jizzle August 30, 2003