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(1)the raddest and most gangster place in zoo york city. in fact, i think its the capital of nyc.
(2)a shitty rock in the middle of long island sound.
"Yo u goin to the club tanite? Hells no, ima go chill on the corner and/or beach at city island!"
by aidan October 10, 2004
An island in the Bronx with lots of good seafood restaurants.
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
home of matt bollati, sarima ali, liz borodkin, angelo labate, a few of my other friends, and a bunch of various potheads. people here do crazy stuff like skateboard off roofs into pools and smoke down at the beach and swim without lifeguards (GASP!). yeah basically it's an isolated suburb where it's safe to go out late at night because the only thing around are drug dealers and seafood restaurants.
city island is so fucking wack, it should be made into a whole other borough.
by enikay January 20, 2005

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