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It is used in place of Mama.is the suffix of Mamacita.
I put that on Cita's.....I other words .....I put that on Mama.
by Ms. Khalid August 22, 2007
Most likely to love the color red, biracial and be any ballin niggas favorite stay down momma cita..and surely to have no kids.

C certified
I individual

T that's
A aktive

Enjoys money and gets it buy any means neccesary
Married to a king
I didn't know cita's last name was king
I heard they call her cita

Gurl: what did the name say on his text girl?
Friend: her name is cita
Gurl: that cita must be a bad bitch...
by cita king November 23, 2010
Stands for "cock in the ass".
Tiffany loves the big cita!
by matty patty April 01, 2004