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A small private school of all boys that is located in Irving, TX. It is the most academically prestigious school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and continues to uphold a standard of excellence. Basically, even though the students have a reputation of being socially awkward when in fact they aren't, well most of them aren't, they attend very prestigious universities and live fulfilling lives.
New Dad: "Where should I send my kid if I want him to have the best education ever?"

Older Dad: "Duh, Cistercian."
by M cubed May 28, 2008
A small school in Irving Texas that is notorious for being very smart and very socially awkward
Dad #1: Where do you want to send your son to high school?
Dad #2: Cistercian! I heard they sent 5 out of 42 kids to ivy league schools
by texasboy99 January 02, 2015
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