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When 3 or more guys line up and a chick (or dude if you're into that shit) on her knees sucks off all three in a row.
But you cute as hell. Like to go down on you, suck you, line up three
other guys and make like a circus seal
by Chris August 31, 2003
Term popularized by Eau Claire, Wisconsin's notorious "H-Gay". Meaning: a girl who sucks cock with a great amout of enthusiasm, thus resembling the bobbing head of a circus seal.
H-Gay: "She may be old, but I bet she'd go down like a circus seal."
by Jazzgasm August 27, 2003
the act of bouncing your balls off a girl's nose much like a seal playing with a ball
I gave the bitch a circus seal so she could smell my rotten nut-sack
by squatsy November 02, 2003
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