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Agreeing to something.

a shorter way to say 'for real'
Guy: I hate those posers.

Guy 2: Foreal.
by Pizzamanufdoom December 04, 2005
An awsome anime t.v show that features a boy named Asukura Yo(or Yo), in his quest to become Shaman King.

Though the t.v series is practically over, the exciting manga storyline continues.
Shaman King Fan: Dude I love Hao and Ren, they're so bad ass.

Shaman King Fan 2: Yeah, the t.v series was tight, but the manga storyline is pretty different.
by Pizzamanufdoom November 29, 2005
A easier way to say the Philippines.
...: Ay, what country you from?
...2: Pinas, yo.
by Pizzamanufdoom November 29, 2005
1)A shorter way of saying 'Alright' or 'Aight'
2)Agreeing with something.
Wigger: Ey foo, them posers claiming the 818, let's go hit em` up.

Wanksta: Ayte then.
by Pizzamanufdoom November 20, 2005
The living contradiction to the term "The black guy always dies first."
Curtis Manning can be seen on 24 kicking ass side by side with Jack Bauer.
by pizzamanufdoom June 28, 2006
All this shit about you becoming healthier by removing the forskin of your penis is COMPLETE BS.

Look, your skin is there FOR A REASON and there's no need to take it off, there are no benefits of having a uncircumsised penis, studys have proven that. It's there to protect your penis.

Cutting the forskin makes your glands less sensitive over time, and if your doctor cuts too much you can have certain problems or even die.

Though the circumsised person's partner may receive more pleasure during sex, he will not receive as much or even last long for that matter. Where'as the uncircumsised person and his partner will both receive pleasure equally.

The bottum line is:
Uncircumsised Person: Ey, having my forskin owns, once I get laid I'll be BALLIN.

Circumcised Person: Shit man, good luck with that, I already got laid but I couldn't last for 5 minutes..
by Pizzamanufdoom December 02, 2005
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