One time a few wiffens past when kings, queens and jesters roamed the world, there was a king. He did bad things. He was a crooked king who wrongfully burned birds, chopped up chinese people, and threw their remains into his moat. On a certain day the albinos got fed up with his wrong doings. The albinos never did like to get tortured with red hot shafts being impaled into their belly buttons, how could you blame them anyway?
They snuck into the castle via the dungeon, they battled his hideous freaks that lurked in the dungeon and worked their way upstairs. To his bedroon they went where he lay sound asleep. They captured him, not a peep was heard by the guards who stood right outside of his bedroom door. They threw him from his window and had the most angry albino of the clan decapitate him. He swung, and missed, only slicing the top portion of his skull off completely.
The kings name was... Sir. Comesized.
The reason for the beheading of him... He was a dick.
Sir Cumsized once humiliated me in public at the local tavern.
by T-Jayzel May 24, 2005
Top Definition
An enhancement to the penis by surgery, the removal of redundant tissue, a hygiene measure, widely practised in the USA and many established religions.
I had all my sons circumcised at birth; they are now adults and are so grateful to me.
by Ben April 02, 2005
An operation that removes the foreskin of a man or, more often, an infant's penis. Local anistetic is used and it is a very painless surgery. It is tradition to perform on newly born Jewish males.

Afterwards, the penis is much cleaner and most women find it more attractive. Many men think it imasculates them, but that is definatly not the case.
Girl: Truth or dare?
Boy: Truth
Girl: Are you circumcised?
Boy: Uhmmm yeah.
Girl: Sweet. Oral?
by Lilium of the lake June 02, 2010
The removal of the of the skin cap giving the penis a beautiful look, simplified hygiene, straight pissing, and good feeling all over--shaft, head, and its own g-spot, the frenum.
Girlfriend to her guy: Your cock,is good looking, smells good, and tastes sweet.
Guy to girlfriend: You will never give me AIDS, even if you fool around. You will like my staying power for better orgasms.
by Clean Fil February 17, 2005
A procedure that makes the penis better smelling, better tasting, better looking to most women, more stimulating, and longer lasting before orgasm.

A lot of propaganda surrounds this procedure, such as "circumsized men don't enjoy sex as much" and "sex is 10 times better for uncircumcised men." This propaganda is not borne out by serious scientific research. It's main purpose is to make uncut men feel better about having to clean up after their dick cheese all the time.
My boyfriend lasts an hour inside me everytime, because he's circumcised, and loves every second of it. I love sucking on his sweet smelling and tasty dick.
by Circumsized and happy June 22, 2006
a guy whose penis has had the skin cut off of it.
"Yo man, where the rest of your dick?". "Don't know, I was circumcised when I was a baby."
by Kurt91 June 08, 2004
Bald, without helmet, roundhead muthafucka!
Mine got taken, now my Putz is in a jar somewhere!
Produces a nice ledge after years of masturbation, can give good clitoral pleasure when inverted
Bethells got a mushroom!
Say what?
Damn, rooms was robbed of his ambition when he was circumcised!!!!
by Chinky Park St Lover March 04, 2004
what should neva have happened to me.
by Mags July 29, 2003
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