1. Uninteresting; boring or bereft of quality and value. Also: lacking in goodness or beauty.
2. Ultimately disappointing.
Quiznos closed before I could get my sandwich? That is so circumcised! or I'm of Baroque sensibility and I find Modernist Bauhaus aesthetic to be so circumcised.
by IanNYC July 05, 2006
Used to describe a morbidly skinny individual with very large facial/cranial features. Closely resembles the morphology of a circumcised penis.

Being circumcised is a very common trait in overweight individuals who, for whatever reasons, have rapidly lost a substantial amount of weight.
1) ...Pointing at a crackhead with a swollen face, "That individual is most certainly circumcised."

2) After his bout with bubonic plague, the once 418 pound man had been circumcised.
by estupido April 13, 2005
When a man does not have a full penis. It could also be referring to female circumcision, another outdated, barbaric practice.

There really is no purpose to circumcision. Some religions, such as Judaism, encourage parents to remove their child's foreskin at an early age, since they probably would reject doing it when they're older and capable of forming opinions.
Some might say that circumcision improves the sex life of a man, such as the writers of the other entries.
They might go on to say that "sex is 10 times better for uncircumcised men" is a lie, because it's not based on research. They'd probably also overlook their own claims, that a cut penis has a better taste and is more stimulating, when those aren't based on science, either.
Some women may say that a penis looks more aesthetic when cut. But then, if some guys find a circumcised woman to be beautiful, does that mean all women should get their clitoris removed?

A man always has a frenum, and doesn't "gain" one if he gets cut. But if he does, he loses the vast amount of nerves that lay in the foreskin, and won't be able to have an equal sexual experience.

Ideally, a parent should leave a child's genitals alone. It should be their job to teach their kids to responsibly clean their privates, rather than recklessly mutilate their organs for the sake of "hygiene." A man's penis will have the same taste and smell as a half-cocked man, by only spending an extra minute to clean it out everyday.

My girlfriend said my penis looked strange, and that she couldn't sleep with me until I got it circumcised . A week after I got it done, she dumped me.
by Holy Foreskin October 25, 2008
All this shit about you becoming healthier by removing the forskin of your penis is COMPLETE BS.

Look, your skin is there FOR A REASON and there's no need to take it off, there are no benefits of having a uncircumsised penis, studys have proven that. It's there to protect your penis.

Cutting the forskin makes your glands less sensitive over time, and if your doctor cuts too much you can have certain problems or even die.

Though the circumsised person's partner may receive more pleasure during sex, he will not receive as much or even last long for that matter. Where'as the uncircumsised person and his partner will both receive pleasure equally.

The bottum line is:
Uncircumsised Person: Ey, having my forskin owns, once I get laid I'll be BALLIN.

Circumcised Person: Shit man, good luck with that, I already got laid but I couldn't last for 5 minutes..
by Pizzamanufdoom December 02, 2005
One time a few wiffens past when kings, queens and jesters roamed the world, there was a king. He did bad things. He was a crooked king who wrongfully burned birds, chopped up chinese people, and threw their remains into his moat. On a certain day the albinos got fed up with his wrong doings. The albinos never did like to get tortured with red hot shafts being impaled into their belly buttons, how could you blame them anyway?
They snuck into the castle via the dungeon, they battled his hideous freaks that lurked in the dungeon and worked their way upstairs. To his bedroon they went where he lay sound asleep. They captured him, not a peep was heard by the guards who stood right outside of his bedroom door. They threw him from his window and had the most angry albino of the clan decapitate him. He swung, and missed, only slicing the top portion of his skull off completely.
The kings name was... Sir. Comesized.
The reason for the beheading of him... He was a dick.
Sir Cumsized once humiliated me in public at the local tavern.
by T-Jayzel May 24, 2005
The often considered barbaric surgical removal of the foreskin: a soft, sensitive peice of skin at the tip of the penis.

Curcumcision came to the US in the 1800s to discourage masterbation. Today there is no proven medical benefit of circumcsion. (
My boyfriend was circumcised at birth because his parents thought it'd be a good thing for him.
by CIRP January 17, 2004
NO/and or OWWWW damn it man that shit fuckin HURTS like a MOTHER FUCKER.
by ty February 13, 2004

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