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Large biceps. see guns
Hulk Hogan had 24inch pythons
by Kraken October 24, 2005
A superlative meaning the 'very best' combining butter very smooth, nice, agreeable and luscious - appealling.
It can used to describe desirable women or powder snow.
It snowed 2 feet of butterluscious powder last night!
What an awesome day, the snow was butterluscious.
Check out that hot chick over there, she is butterluscious
by Kraken October 26, 2005
A foolish or incompetent person. Originally found on the back of a bus in Japan "Powertard Braking System"
It ironically sounds like a cross between power and retard and hence powertard was born
"Dont be such a powertard all your life"
"Hey powertard, what time are we leaving?"
by Kraken November 24, 2006
A bicycle. A bike. So named as you 'sweat' while using it.
My car broke down last night so I had ride the old sweat wheel to work today.
by Kraken November 24, 2006
A state of being in possession of an iPod, often thinking you are superior or the shizz compared to those who havent been sucked in by Apples marketing
Hey man, have you ever had troubles transfering music with iTunes?
Nah not me, I'm not podified.

You wanna look cool cruising around campus? you gotta get podified dude!
by Kraken November 06, 2005
A young uncouth Japanese woman (often a Kogal/ganguro type) who screams into her mobile phone (known as a keitai in Japan) while in public - especially on trains or in restaurants.

Keitai - mobile phone
Banshee - a mythical woman who kills by screaming in such a high pitch that it breaks glass and the arteries of its victim's body so that they drown in their own blood.
"If that keitai banshee at the end of this carriage doesnt shut up in a moment, I am going to plant my foot in her ass"

"I am so tempted to grab that keitai banshee's phone and snap it in half"

by Kraken December 01, 2007
Beautiful weather from Monday to Friday and then rain on the weekends. Companies with outside workers love this as, productivity is maximized on workdays and downtime due to inclement weather is reduced. Workers on the other hand slave away during the week in the sun and then have their free time spoiled by the weather.
Dammit! it's raining? fine all week and now on Saturday - rain, bloody company weather!

I hate company weather!

Why can't it rain on Monday? damn this company weather
by Kraken August 31, 2014

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