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A female hacker of great skill, demonstrating excellent hardware understanding, knowledge and general electric engineering goodness.
Jeri Ellsworth is an awesome circuit girl, always doing cool projects.
by fmcg September 25, 2010
A girl that has been has been rinsed by the nightlife scene. She goes out too much or has just been passed around by a lot men in the club scene. The girls that most often fall victim to this lifestyle are fashion models.
"Hey bro, that girl looks hot!"
"Yeah man she is hot. But I know at least 3 boys that have banged her."
"Ahhh crap, another circuit girl. When are these ladies gonna learn? I feel like all the girls in here fall into the category."
"Feel sorry for the guy that wifes her up."
by the architect October 24, 2013
(SIR-cut gurl) noun. any gay man, although often butch in appearance is actually a screaming queen, that makes the rounds of the circuit party scene.
Ted: Euwww girl! Look a you! Where do you think your going? Is the circus in town?
Tod: Weelll miss, I'm going to the party at the Troc then to the End Up.
Ted: Oh Puleeze Miss Thing! Stawp it! Who are you tryin' ta fool in that get up? Everyone KNOWS you're just a big ol' queen.
Tod: Yeah, well maybe I'll meet a nice top.
Ted: Right! You're nothin' but a circuit girl.
Tod: So?
by Nedd Ludd September 17, 2005
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