The most talented female to ever grace this shitty rock. All the males worship her and her sex appeal. Her ability to seduce any man at will is her best asset.
Cinny walked by with her confident and sexy stride, winking at the boys admiring her, then, sucessfully, picking out the cutest one to use as her personal tool for the evening.
by Cin December 03, 2003
Top Definition
Slang for Movies. See Clockwork Orange
That picture was real horrorshow. It's like nothing I've ever viddied at the cinny.
by kurt March 28, 2005
A name for a baby girl who is amazingly gorgeous and witty.
Large eyes that behold the crowd and dazzle everyone.
The pageant queen Cinny deserves two thumbs one.
by travisdon April 03, 2011
Cinny is sixteen. She is very happy and is in love with Donna, codename "eggroll." Donna and Cinny have been together for nearly two years. Cinny loves Donna. Donna loves Cinny. Cinny has long blonde hair and big, bright blue eyes. She's very beautiful and looks like Fleur Delacour. Cinny also has the ability to kill anything with a penis with red lasers that shoot from her eyes. Cinny is naturally Aryan, unlike most blonde girls. She has been known to lurke around street corners to abduct children for feeding. Cinny enjoys beating the shit out of people with a realistic but fake samurai sword, while dressed in a Beatrix Kiddo neon yellow jumpsuit. It's working for her. Cinny enjoys long walks on the beach with her girlfriend, Donna, and her pet puppy, Roxie. Roxie is also a vicious lesbian who chews on plush moose. Cinny likes to graffi WALMART and she encourages her mother to steal cucumbers from there. Her close friend, Collin, haunts your television set. Cinny doesn't have a defined style, but she dresses very adorably. She likes pastel colors, and she aspires to be a child psychiatrist. Cinny is a very good friend, but she is armed and dangerous at all times. She enjoys Ramen, sweet and sour chicken, and apple cider. She does not consume alcoholic drinks. Cinny has a very soft, adorable voice.
Cinny is a very pretty serial killer.
by ;x December 20, 2004
Cinnamon. To smoke cinny is to smoke a stick of cinnamon. It doesn't give you a buzz, but people do it anyways.
We were smoking cinny on the way to school this morning.
by Blaia September 12, 2006
a beautiful name for a girl, but she does not prefer it. She prefers Cinacho.
Cinacho is my best friend!
by bunE February 26, 2003
a name thats a VERY bad insult..should be condemmned! ITS A CURSE I TELL U!
CINNY! *hits arm a cornucopia of times* CINNY! CINNY! GUESS WHAT? *pause* NOTHING HEEHEEHEEE *runs away*.
by migosho! February 24, 2003
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