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The act of a prison guard raping a male inmate, whilst using the government appointed pepper spray as the lubricant.
While I was in the slammer, I was getting a cinnabun every night.
by gil anderson January 27, 2005
when u bust a load on a girl's face that has a spray-on tan
I gave that guido bitch a nice cinnabun yesterday.
by dontsmokecrack September 22, 2009
When a guy puts cinnamon on his butthole and farts in a girl's face
Colette, here is your cinnabun. Love always, JP
by Barky14 February 08, 2011
-When you're giving anal sex and you about to bust but you pull out too fast and you bust ya nut all over his/her shit.
-When a whale takes a shit and then cums all over it
-"Me and my girl/man tried anal for the first time but I ended up giving him/her a cinnabun"

-Whale 1: "Did you see Jeff have a cinnabun over by the Santa Cruz Beach?"
Whale 2: "No way! That's hilarious brah!"
by CareBear69 August 03, 2015
When fucking in the ass and a doodoo dick is imminent, go ahead and do a hershey blaster. Then wait patiently for the grayvee to ooze out. At this point, rub the grayvee all over your satchel. Now take a nap and allow everything to harden up. When you wake up, feed your partner the the Cinnabun. This works for both straight and gay couples.
Wake up Eleanor, I baked you a Cinnabun for breakfast.
by MrTrimDr April 29, 2009
when you shoot your load on the butt hole and swirl it around
I doggie styled her and then cinnabun'd her from behind.
by tuannguyen September 08, 2008
(noun) A food stand in shopping malls that sells cinnamon buns.
Cinnabuns in buns.
by Fangsta December 15, 2003
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