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A sweet ass. Can be a male or female.
Dude 1: Did you see Taylor's wearing yoga pants today?

Dude 2: Dayummmm can't wait to check out those cinnamon buns
by LNMK August 08, 2012
when a girl with really long hair has her hair done up in a bun, and you blow your load on it it looks like a cinnamon bun.
last night Tyler and Levi gave Dakota a cinnamon bun
by xRAHOWAx14x88 January 31, 2011
When a Guy jizzes on someones ass.

Creating the illusion of Cinammon Buns.
Gio said,"Can I give you cinnamon buns tonight, mama?"

Stephanie,"FUCK no."
by Stephanie and Gio August 02, 2008
A tasty treat,yummy in the tummy,twice as good as any sex you've ever had or BJblow job, better than any orgasm or boner. a cool online name for Halo,Socom,Etc.
The Cinnamonbuns were so good they were delicious.
by sbsbfxcvbfsfb October 30, 2007
When you take a dump on a girl's chest and then skeet on top of it.
Can I give your mom a cinnamon bun?
by Falconsoccer1010 April 24, 2011
On the rare off chance that you have taken a crap that has produced a perfect swirl much like a Dairy Queen ice cream treat, it becomes one's "dooty" to masturbate, thus producing glorious icing to flow upon said crap creating what is known as a "cinnamon bun".
Does a bear make a cinnamon bun in the woods? No, but I sure the fuck do!
by Tawm Bradey July 27, 2011
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