The term used to describe an excessively large and very painful turd, often measuring up to 1.5 feet in length and large enough to make your intestines hurt.

Cinder blocks also have edges, and it is said that there is no easy way to pass one. They are less common than Bricks.

A Cinder Block is one step below an Obelisk on the density/size scale.
Good lord! I can't remember the last time I thunder crapped a Cinder Block this big! It almost broke my can! I should try selling it on eBay...
by Casey Tatum 9000 March 29, 2012
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Noun - One who does not move while engaged in athletic activites. Often mistaken as a robot, e.g. Dominic.
Dominic's name might as well be cinderblocks.
by Lieutenant Panda April 12, 2008
The act of having sex with a girl and dropping a cinderblock on her face. A form of foreplay.
"I as banging this chick and she asked me if I was into some freaky stuff. So I dropped a cinderblock on her face.
by Nick Donofrio August 11, 2006
A basketball player who takes a shot that is so awful that "brick" doesn't due it justice. Rather it is a "Cinder Block".
Context: Playground basketball game

Big Dawg: "TJ please stop firing up those bricks!"

Diesel: "Man brick doesn't even begin to describe how bad those shots were. Those are Cinder Blocks!"
A pleb. Or someone annoying or just, on a very good night, a member of the public. Plural ("Cinderblocks") may be abbreviated to "cinders"
(While driving through a town at night, as you pass some townies or plebs): "Wooooooooooooaaaah cinderblock!!!"

This may be shortened to "wooooooooooah cinders", "bloody cinders", "pissin cinders", etc. as required
by miles2k6 October 23, 2006
1. Nickname of Josh Lyles, inventor of the Cinderblock. 2. To have sexual intercourse with a girl. 3. To destroy or defeat someone or something.
1. No one messes with the Cinderblock.
2. Wow, I cinderblocked this really hot girl last night.
3. Wow, he totally cinderblocked me in that wrestling match.
by Jacob W. April 09, 2004
When an individual acts like a big shot with nothing to back them up. They lack of certifications and maturity. They are All together useless and a liability
Smith acted cocky and has proven to be a bigger cinder block than Caroline.
by Saltyjake69 September 03, 2014
A reference to a book of unnecessarily large proportions; resembling a cinder block in both size and weight.
Person 1: Wow, I'm reading such a great book. It's only 872 pages!
Person 2: Looks more like a cinder block to me.
by purple-penguin November 20, 2014

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