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usually a female, with a beautiful personality and looks to match, smart, outgoing, fun, happy and most importantly a true friend..once you fall in love there is no turning back
by babychunks February 04, 2010
10 Words related to cicely
1. A rather pretty, flowering plant.
2. A name given to girls far more beautiful than the plant itself, who are always sweet, caring, and, generally, amazing.
1. "That was a rather nice plant, maybe I should name my daughter that some day"
2. Cicely is the most beautiful girl in the world.
by deathbydude February 04, 2010
-A small white aromatic flower.
-A pretty, sweet, smart, awesome girl that deserves all the love you can give her. In one word, she is amazing. Once you love her, there's no turning back. Other related names include Cecilia or Cecil.
I think Cicely is too amazing to be true.
by princesssayang January 29, 2015

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