How the great Baaadbobby writes the word "chicks".
1. cics love money. it's a good reason to make lots of it, maskes things easier and more simple

2. i like cics that do coke not meth, coke cics are fun if you pull there strings right. so much fun and they look good, least the fresh to the coke ones anyway, and they the best ones to have fun with
by baaadanity disciple May 15, 2008
Top Definition
An acronym which stands for cause i can. A perfect reply to almost anything. Try it out sometime.
Sam: Hey man why the hell did you just punch me in the face?

Bo: cic mutha fucka
by Sawa. April 18, 2010
(Phrase Acronym) Original phrase: "Can I call?"
Sent by text or IM. This is to see if the recipient of the message is able to talk.
Hey, cic? I wanna talk.
by ColeslawProductions October 19, 2013
Texting shorthand for "Chipotle induced coma". When consuming a burrito from the popular Mexican-American Grill results in being incapacitated from doing daily activities. You literally can't do anything until the burrito is digested.
Son, can you mow the lawn?

Sorry pops, i'm in a C.I.C.
by jonjon the bonbon May 20, 2011
CIC - coming in cunts is the sexual act of a man ejaculating inside a woman's vagina.
Dude, no CIC's tonight man; you don't want to get another girl pregnant!
by freddy boom boom washington January 07, 2011
Caucasians In Control. Group of Caucasians that have established control over other races.
C.I.C. ain't nothin to mess with.

Best not step to C.I.C.
by Shananagans August 11, 2005
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