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(Noun) An acronym for YouTube Video.
Man, have you seen bob's new ytv? It's hilarious!
by ColeslawProductions October 18, 2013
(Phrase Acronym) Original phrase: "Can I call?"
Sent by text or IM. This is to see if the recipient of the message is able to talk.
Hey, cic? I wanna talk.
by ColeslawProductions October 19, 2013
(Verb) "Faceplam" is an adaptation of facepalm.
Definition 1: One would facepalm and the face would slip out of the hand and hit the desk or table.
Definition 2: One would facepalm so hard that it would make a slapping sound.
Both definitions may result in facial damage.
Dude, this was so stupid. I faceplammed, and it hurt!
by ColeslawProductions October 19, 2013
The fear of technology becoming more powerful than the human mind.
Have you heard? The new iPhone G64 came out!
Almost everyone has one except for John.
John has compuphobia.
by ColeslawProductions January 29, 2014
Something snobdated is something that tech snobs find outdated.
1080p HD is snobdated. 4K HD is the snobnorm
by ColeslawProductions December 17, 2013
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