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originating in chi town contrary to snoop dogg bastardizing the term and making it his own actually bishop don magic juan a famous pimp from chi town probably introduced the term to snoop it means righteousness,something good,rejoice
preach,chuurch,tabernacle i just got durbed up by this bust down hoe chuuurch
by chibanga August 19, 2005
1. To be rightous; without a doubt to follow values
2. To be absolute
"I'm jiggy wit it. Chuuuch."
by J.Lew July 03, 2003
In the occurence of a good occasion the word CHuuuCH would be used (when something good happens)
Look at this fat bud i just copped, CHuuuCH
by Harry Balsona May 23, 2004
As Snoop Dogg says, it is a greeting, similar to whats up.
"What up."

by tron304 January 10, 2008
The sound of exclamation upon making an unbelievable frisbee catch. Stolen from whoo kid and five-dimes's "baby if you get on your knees"
(jumps and catches frisbee behind back) "CHUUUCH!"
by Legere January 13, 2004
To be christian, and act to following traditional christian ways. Derrived from snoop-doggie-dizzle.
"i'd neva run wit that bioch, she to chuuuch"
by gergy June 23, 2003
The name of the house Snoop Dogg lives in. He calls his home the Chuurch.
"Ya know I gots ta hold it down when I'm up in the Chuurch"
by JediPimp June 24, 2003
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