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N. One who exhibits the qualities of both a chicken and a turtle. A scaredy cat who takes his time doing things. Churtles tend to exhibit weakness in their shin area.

Note: Not to be confused with the Pokemon Squirtle.
Kevin is such a Churtle
by LCHS July 24, 2004
A male giggle, since only girls "giggle". A masculine giggle
I churtled so hard at what the woman was wearing
by Paul J. May 22, 2008
A cross between a chihuahua and a turtle
Helen: Wow look there's Annika!
Anna: Who's Annika, that's a churtle!
by berry546 June 03, 2015
V. To wince in physical pain while remaining completely silent, usually when performing some sort of self-maintenance or cleaning/scrubbing/picking while inducing short, sharp and very intense pain.
Stephen churtled visibily as he dug enthusiastically into his nose with overly long and sharp fingernails. "Christ. That booger felt like it was attached directly to my brain stem." uttered Steve while recovering from an epic churtle.
by x0ff December 19, 2010
To throw up
Whoa that kid just churtled!
by emmaissocoollike July 17, 2011
1. To rub someone's stomach in a sexual manner

2. To rub your genitalia on someone's stomach
Dude, I churtled her so bad last night!

George churtled Sally and cum got everywhere.
by The Churtler June 26, 2007
popping a zit on your chest where both puss and blood come out. Technically speaking over 1cc of body mass. If less then it is known as a kenlet.
Ill give you five bucks to lick the churtle off that bitch's chest.
by Joel653 March 06, 2006

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