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an exclamation; a declaration; must be yelled at high volume for full effect; can be an expression of joy, drunkenness, or harassment; a Fred & the Sanfords song
by churp67 August 22, 2008
When a person makes it known to another that they like that person.

When a person try to Woo a person.

When a person try to chat up a person.
That man there just tried to churps me.

It was that man that tried to churps me last week.
by Kayla babs March 15, 2008
A burp accompanied by an unintended reflux of stomach contents. The word is a portmanteau of chunder and burp, and may be considered the oral analogue of a shart.
Sandy: Reuben, I'm in a situation here. We have to leave now!
Reuben: No. Can we stay a couple more minutes?
Sandy: Dude, no. This is serious. I just churped.
Reuben: I don't know what that means.
Sandy: I tried to burp and a little chunder came out - I just churped. Now let's go!
by Mr. Lexicologist May 13, 2012
Usually like a yes but in a way that you can spam it and to annoy people
kevin: hey dude do u like my shirt?

me: churp

kevin: cmon tell me yes or no

me: churp
by Cbass231 May 14, 2014
(slang)The alert tone a Motorola phone makes when someone is calling on the two-way radio. Also Boost mobile

A word used to describe that you're waiting for someone to call you on your two-way radio.
Your phone just churped. Someone must be calling you on your 2-way.

He's gonna churp me later.
by punkadella June 30, 2005
A girl with a HUGE BUTT
Yo man, look at that churp across the street, imma go holla at her.
by mcalways June 22, 2006
when one vomits and burps at the same time, a bit chunkier than your average vurp. a contraction of "chuck" and "burp" see also vurp
Why is it every time I eat pizza and drink tequila, I churp what tastes exactly like Spaghetti Os?
by Lothos Seven Seven Three Four March 19, 2003