a bottle or can opener (cans had no opening tabs when this word originated)
Don't forget to hang up the church key when you are done with it.
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by Light Joker January 20, 2006
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A beer can opener. Unfortunately, use of this instrument has declined since the pop top appeared in the mid 1960s.
Lolly and Harriet are bringing the beer. Don't forget to bring a church key.
by Tuna Wanda May 21, 2005
a bottle opener
Hey Joe, where'd you leave the church key. This ain't no twist off, y' know.
by travis September 06, 2003
Instrument used to open beer cans.
Conrad Birdie: "You got a church key, man?"
Mr. McAfee: "We've got a church, but it's open."
Conrad Birdie: "A can opener, man! Man, you're from nowhere like."
by Christin June 17, 2004
In the days of my youth, before twist off bottle caps, "church key" only refered to bottle openers made of heavy gauge bent wire.
I stopped at the beer distributers and picked up a case of Duke, they gave me a church key so we're ready to go.
#can opener #bottle opener #pop top #beer bottle #pop bottle
by G. Packard Willoughby December 11, 2006
A beer can opener for old-style beer cans, before the invention of the tab.
Damn!You're going to need a churchkey to open these beers. They're friggin' ancient!
#church key #can opener #free can opener #combination can and botle opener #can opener frequently given away with a case of beer
by Xavier_Onassis August 03, 2006
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