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A word that describes all the glitches, hacks and non legit kills/weapons and or perks in the game Call of Duty modern warfare 2 published by the developer Infinity Ward. hence the term "infinity-warded".
#cod #mw2 #infinity-ward #bullshit #crap #noob-tuber #glitch #hack #boost #booster #boosting #intervention #black ops
by g.h.o.s.t September 23, 2010
In legend, the chupacabra is an animal/ creature that drains the blood of goats and possibly other things. Tho the real chupacabra is not like the legends, meaning its not a big foot or whatever. Chupacabra is actualy a Hybrid dog. through DNA testing, the creature is a on it's mothers side part coyote and on its paternal side part mexican wolf. the odd features of this animal is that it has no fur on its body, its skin is an odd color and it seems to crave the blood of its prey rather than the actual meat itself.
protect your goats from the Chupacabra
#chupacabra #el chupacabra #hybrid #wolf #dog
by g.h.o.s.t August 22, 2010
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