Quite like a ‘Chuckle’ in laughter, but done by a ‘fat’ person, instead of chuckling, they chunkle.
Rosie O'Donald chunkles at her own jokes.
by laurr_cakes December 12, 2007
Top Definition
verb - manage or deal with (something) wrongly or ineffectively.

noun - a French uncle
Dan chunkled it today when he dropped all of the dry erase boards.
by MonkeyPorn June 15, 2007
This is a big fat, hobo resembling, beared person that turns up at your house and then refuses to leave until it is past midnight.
"Chunkles, please vacate my crib, it's 11:52."
"8 minutes yet."
by Stev III June 18, 2006
the layers of fat that "chill" on the bodies of fat people;the unsightly roll of skin that may be shown above the jeans
may be used as: "That girl has some serious lil' CHUNKLES hanging out there!"
by ~*meredith meador February 20, 2004
Something that Mr. Sid does.
It is something that makes me chunkle.
by plf October 20, 2003
The worst part of any food; usually burnt or undercooked and very gristly.
I knew if I was late dinner I would get stuck with the chunkle of beef.

Why does my piece of chicken have a toenail in it? This just better not be the chunkle!
by Mr. Streudels November 24, 2011
Verb. To laugh so vigorously as to induce vomiting.

A portmanteau formation from "chuckle" and blow chunks.
I laughed so hard at that movie, I totally chunkled into the popcorn bowl.
by Nutrimat March 30, 2006
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