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n. 1. Term referring to a thoughtful, close friend or loved one. 2. An appropriate word found on a personalized vanity plate. 3. Misfit or loser
1. Thanks for the flowers. That was so sweet of you Chunka.
2. What does that license plate say? OMG! it says CHUNKA.
3. Why did you skip Doc Hill's class? You're such chunka.
by Zach Brown March 30, 2005
Kinda fat girl/boy. Increase the number of chunkas as describing increasingly larger subjects.
That girl is okay, but she is a one chunka. That girl is a chunka-chunka. Or, that boy is huge--a three chunka! You can also call a very large subject a chunka-chunka-chunka.
by zensmile May 12, 2005
A fat person
Mallory: "Hey look at that chunka."

Alex: "Somebody needs to lay off the double stuffed oreos."
by Chunk Master May 14, 2012
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