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Prominicous female, otherwise known as a slut, whore, or ho-bag. A female who very much enjoys sex.
Amanda is such a thottie, I caught her with Julia's daddy.
by DatGirl April 26, 2014
a thottie is either a group of thots or a miniature thot
That thot is raising a thottie
by cacaonyou November 06, 2013
A girl that thinks she is hot, but in all honesty, she is just That Ho Over There.
There are a lot of Thottie on Facebook.
by Saharrah Naimah April 07, 2015
perky blonde girl with short hair dated multiple guys & is a leach *coughcough*
That girl katelyn is such a thottie
by swagdaddylover69 June 16, 2014
A girl that sleeps around with a numerous amount of guys.
This thottie was fucking Dayquan yesterday and now she's fucking Marquise
by HoodGirl💕 March 27, 2015
transgender hottie
dayyuuummm look at those thotties walking out the gay bar dude!
by dzar February 27, 2014
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