A large obese chinese person. Usually offensive. Comes from the word Chink.
Yo, check out John Kim over there..he ain't a chink..he a chunk!
by Andrewsky March 04, 2003
Australian term for getting a Chinese meal with a group of close friends.
Would you like to come for a chunk with Sam and I on Sunday?
by Chinese Sundays November 17, 2013
to fight someone, or the act of fighting.
"Who you gonna chunk?" or "Did they chunk?"
by dirty dre swag team March 02, 2010
A fat person of East Asian descent (esp. Chinese) c.f. Chink

Derogative. Racially abusive.
"Look at that Chunk over there coming out of the restaurant"
by Simianleftturn November 16, 2009
A fat chinese person mainly people are offended by this defonition of a obese chinese person
Hey,look at Jason Kong hes suckh a chunk
by carlods093 June 08, 2009
an overweight chinese person
i scored with a chunk last night
by ur having a laugh January 31, 2009
A fat chink.
White man- "what do you call a fat chink?"
White man2- "i dunno. what?"
White man- "A CHUNK!"
by Nick Veitch January 29, 2009
A term to describe a fat or chubby person.
"That bitch is chunk"
"I'm gonna call you C-chunk because you're fat"
by ifuxwittitties January 02, 2009

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