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A large obese chinese person. Usually offensive. Comes from the word Chink.
Yo, check out John Kim over there..he ain't a chink..he a chunk!
by Andrewsky March 04, 2003
I needa get me $50 so I can get a goddamn bag of chunk!
by ChunkDaddy July 02, 2010
A cholo punk thats in a gang
That chunk beat me up at the show last night.
by Gabee January 28, 2008
An obese individual whose cultural background is of Asian descent. Derivative of the offensive slang word, chink.
Bob : Yo Gregg, check out Yung Jin Kim over there.
Gregg : So what? He's a damn chink.
Bob : No, dude. He's a fucking chunk.
by Sleep Streamer September 06, 2007
A fat chinese person.
Daniel: "Hey what do you call a fat chink?"
Nikko: "What?"
Daniel: "A Chunk"
by Daniel Os February 23, 2007
A huge, creepy looking, stubby eyebrowed, fat, girl.
A chunk of a girl I know that thinks she is an amazing cheerleader and whose breath smells really really bad! She is known as "the FOOT." i.e. Fatty Mc Fat Fat i.e. Christa
by milkyway December 04, 2006
verb... (thats right not a noun...) A display of fatness that "chunks" an object... any object. A person, food, animal, building. What ever!
Person A: *CHUNK*
Person B: Where did Will go???
Person C: A, Have you gained weight?

Person A: *CHUNK*
Person B: Where did Will go???
Person A: I chunked him.
Person C: Person A, Have you gained weight?
by SuGaReeBoY June 02, 2006
Fat dense nugs of cannabis.
I don't want that shake, I want some chunk.
by jjooe December 22, 2013