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term used in the bay area to throw down, fight.
me and this foo bout to chunk it wit these poodles you down
by mondo April 23, 2005
Southern for chuck it

1. to discard

2. to toss
1 That hose is busted. We should just chunk it.

2. When your done with the twine, chunk it over here.
by mandingoe June 07, 2004
A golf term decribing a poor shot where the player hits the ground behind the ball and moves the earth to a greater extent than the ball itself.
"Did you reach the green?"
"No, I chunked it."
by JonMan May 23, 2004
To vomit or "blow chunks".
If you're gonna chunk it, please have the common decency not to do it inside the car.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
a browser-based application that quickly searches through all the links on a webpage, retrieves the relevant information, and displays it on the left side of your browser.
dude last night i had to write this 15 page paper but i used ChunkIt and saved a ton of time.
by EveOfWar July 10, 2008
A stand-alone phrase that has equal meaning to "You're stupid."
Chunk it.
by propolys November 29, 2003
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