Also known as CHEEEUUUUNNDERRR. Refers to vomit, mostly self induced. Can be used to diguise a bulimic.
'I drank so much I that I chundered all over Joseph.'
by emilyclaire June 10, 2008
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Chunder means to be sick, it originates from old seafareing days when sailers would get seasick and stick their head out of the porthole in their cabin. As they did this they would shout "Watch Under" to warn people in lower cabins of the forthcoming puke. Over the years this has evolved in Chunder.
Peodophiles are sick, they make me want to Chunder!
by Pinkbum May 13, 2004
Australian. To vomit.
Have you ever wondered what it meant when they said "...and women chunder" in that 80's song, "Land Down Under"? Now you know.
by Caribou November 13, 2005
Being sick and vomiting. I believe it originates from "watch under", for when someone vomits from an elevated location.
I'm not going to be the designated driver while barhopping anymore; people keep chundering in my car.
by Two11two March 07, 2007
vomitus horrendous
Johnny drank 5th of scotch and went down on his old lady culminating in a chunder blunder.
by mr. cutty January 20, 2004
Verb: to vomit. Most commonly used when concerning someone who has been sick as a result of heavy alcohol consumption.
Yeah, last night was awesome..... that is, until Jimmy chundered all over the carpet.
by Harriieee April 14, 2009
to vomit from drinking too much
girl 1: i drank way too much last night
girl 2: did you chunder?
by oakbayhigh2011 December 31, 2009
Australian slang (verb),(noun) meaning: Vomit, or the act of vomiting. Etymology: Derived from the English word Chunter meaning to grumble or speak incoherently.
(Verb): Ooooh, I'm one beer over the line. Step back lads I'm going to chunder. (Noun) On the way home from the pub last night Freddie puked in my back seat, now the whole car smells of his chunder.
by zigzzagz November 09, 2014

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