The point about chump change, in the sense of money, is that the amount varies with the context. For the divorced papa paying child support, a job that pays $9 an hour offers chump change. For the 50-year-old laid off after 20 years' service, a severance package of $200,000 is chump change. What would count as chump change Cf. rounding off money.
I work 20 years for chump change and what do I get when I leave? Chump change.
by Buce September 25, 2005
Top Definition
An insignificant amount of money. Money that can be easily disposed with.
Don't worry about that million, its chump change.
by tt February 15, 2003
Having little to no significant value.
(Broseph): Man... my girl just broke up with me.
(Bud): Who cares, that hoe was chump change anyways!
by Pay Day December 15, 2007
An insult used to describe someone who you deem to be less of a man that yourself. Usually used when someone makes it known that they are weaker than your or worse than you at something.
Person 1: "I think I'm gonna hit the hay"

Person 2: "Haha, you're already tired? Fucking Chumpchange."
by nothere413 August 02, 2010
Something or someone that's either stupid, cheap, useless, or undeserving of life
"Dude, look at this Chump Change! He rode his motorcycle into that parked car!"
by VikeME December 13, 2011
Someone who has no need to be talking or anywhere near to you or your friends
Dude, who the fuck is this chump change? The asshole is messing up my FUCKING FENG SHUI
by BigLaney February 09, 2009
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