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verb- to stealthily place a slice of cucumber on the person who is sitting beside you's shoulder, so while they are carrying on a conversation, they wont realize that the people they are talking to are laughing at them, not their jokes.

noun- a slice of cucumber used for the act of chumbering someone
(table explodes in laughter)

Chomper: Hey guys it wasnt that funny (looks at shoulder). Aw, dude, who chumbered me?
by Mantenegrum February 18, 2009
21 5
When you place a cucumber on an unsuspecting friend's shoulder.
Mante: Hey, i got the cumbers. Now let's chumber Chomper!!
(chumbers Chomper)
Chomper: Hey, why'd you chumber me guys?
Mante and Rizzum: Ha, you've been chumbered BITCH!!!
by Rizzum February 18, 2009
13 2
What chums (on social networking site chumsgroup ) refer to as your chum number
Hello, I'm chumber 0000000001
Hi chumber 0000000001, I'm chumber 0000000002!
by chumber300andsomething February 21, 2012
9 0