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Mad hot blonde girls whos ass is the perfect size. Her curves ae in all the right places. Shes got all the guys she could ever want and every guy that sees her wants her like mad. Shes got a great personality but an even better body.
You see micayla last night? She looked hotter than ever.
by miclovin December 30, 2009
When a female eats a cock with seasoned garlic and some veggies :) Only the female snufalasugis can do this she is a demon from hell, she brings men into her chambers sucks there cocks then RIPS THEM OFF ! She'll knock them out then sow a sausage where his dick used to be so he won't notice. Then she eats it.
Boy: Hey bro...
Boy 2: Hey ! How'd your date with Brittany go last night?!
Boy: I don't know i think i got laid but then i woke up and my dick smelled and looked like sausage

by Miclovin May 25, 2012
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