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I got chubbs for you

Big fat chubbs for you

Got a firm but soft for you

Gonna go half way for you

Oh how happy you’ll be when I get this chubby lump out of my jeans

But the shape should let you know you got a little ways to go

But I gotta get through town I can do it with a tiny mound

Guess nobody in town will know when you got that lumpy chubby stump on the go

When you’re lady doesn’t get you off, at least you can walk around with a package

that’s semi-soft

A tiny little mound

It’s like a mini bone

A tiny little tent

It’s pulsing now

Watch it go to half mast

Come on girl

Show me what you got

Make me harder now

Turn my chubb into a hardoooooooooon

I got chubbs for you, little bitty chubbs for you

I got chubbs for you, tiny, tiny chubbs for you

Ini-mini chubb for you

I got chubbs for you

I got chubbs for you

I got chubbs for you
I got chubbs for you
by chubbs4u August 31, 2008
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When ur dick gets semi-hard, not hard enough to stiff up but enough to beef it up
Man I sat behind this chick at class today, just staring at r=the back of her head gave me a chubb.
by LBJ_All_Day April 30, 2010
when a guy is unsure whether or not they like the person, so they get a half boner.
"aw man i just walked in on your grandma naked and i got a chubbs"

"eww what the eff man"
by jenfulofgoodness January 01, 2009
Erection, Hard On, Stiff Penis
"I have a massive chubb at the moment."
"That's so good I think I'm going to chubb up."
by Stobes September 08, 2006
Chubbs are the chubbyness on your arm, or also known as your muscle, but they are chubby. You don't have to be chubby or fat to have chubbs, only your arm has to be. If someone pinches your muscles, they took your chubbs. Chubbs are the best
Person 1: Yoo check out my muscles
Person 2: You mean your chubbs
Person 1: Yahh, all chubby and stuff
(Person 1 pinches Person 2)
Person 1: You took my chubbs
Person 2: My chubbs now :)
by chubbsybai April 21, 2009
a person who is consistantly being made fun of
Chubbs: Do you guys want pizza?
Peter: Fuck you faggot.
by shaniqualover69 April 06, 2009
A girl known to be drawn to boys that are described as Chubbs, can be termed as a chubby chaser. She sees fat as shine potential and often Is magnetically drawn to the fat one in the gang.
"Oh Jeanie is all about the Chubbs, she's always taking one for the team"
by UndercoverOrca May 27, 2016
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