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A someone who always has sex with hairy pubic hairs
Having sex with a chubaka may prick you.
by J.Lo April 15, 2005
85 47
A hairy boy who breaks hearts and is bad. They are normally man whores. They weigh 135 lbs at average and have hair all over them. They attack their prey on Friday the 13th. Usually. But not always. They prefer when it's foggy and at ice skating rinks.
Hey man, look out for that chubaka over there. It might attack you and steal your twizzlers. He'll hump you and dump you.
by chubaka blA BLa June 11, 2006
62 53
hairy and/or scary woman, normally fat or extremely built.
My sister is a big hairy chubaka.
by ngsantia April 13, 2005
54 47
It is a Roman god of shit
The new pope's middle name is Chubaka
by They call me Unnon April 28, 2005
24 64
My brown bear who is also my son. Jackie is the godmother,Shannon is his gradmother and Cassie is his Aunt. He curently has no father.
Chubaka is my bear. I bought him from Baby Gap. He is my son.
by *TwInKiEz* July 12, 2004
12 76