n: 1-A fat bitch that you use to do shit for you.
2-Someone who is below you.
"Aye yo!, CHUB-CHUB! get mah kite!!"
by Alberto R. June 05, 2007
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The cute way of calling someone fat; a cute, chubby person
Miitakun looks like a chub chub. xD
by Akatsuki October 20, 2006
A fat hairy smelly Italian male.
Look at chubchub eating that bigass meatball.
by Mio May 22, 2003
not all that fat of a girl but with a cute face
Guy 1- "Dude did You fuck her?" Guy 2 "what can i say i love them chub chub"
by Loserx November 30, 2009
A penis that is any where between semi-erect and erect.
see chub
Dude, Drew's mom is so hot, I get a chub-chub just thinking about her.
by "Pancakes" Primrose October 12, 2007
A very small and almost cute penis
Aaawww! Look at Moskos widdle chub chub!
by mudkip124 February 20, 2014
When getting a semi-erect penis when being hugged/humped by a beautiful specimen of a man named Christopher.
Dude I just got a chub chub at the party yesterday.

by phresh2deph June 18, 2011

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